Lend-Lease Churchills

A little while ago, Thomas J. Moore sent me some Churchill tanks. As these were sent from Canada, I figured they are lend-lease supports! They are the Battlefront plastic 15mm vehicles. 

Three Churchill Mark III tanks

These three tanks were nice and easy to build, consisting of only a few pieces. There was an option to build a support version, but I wanted the typical versions as a bit of research told me that there were only a small number of support types actually built. Painting was equally simple, they were painted in a base coat of Vallejo's Bronze Green, inkwashed in Agrax Earthshade and then drybrushed with Russian Uniform

Three 15mm Battlefront Churchills

I have some Sherman Fireflies and Universal carriers that I can use with for some late war British forces, so these tanks fit perfectly well with those as I start a new side-line project... Another one...

Meanwhile, last weekend I was able to play in one game at Virtual Lard 3 (I missed one thanks to a dodgy internet connection), it was game of Dux Britanniarum hosted by Jeremy. I was playing as part of the Britons who were trying to rescue the fair damsel Guinevere from the clutches of the dastardly Saxons. You can watch the full (and long) video here:



  1. Very nice. I do like a Churchill. They are so peculiar looking they could only be British!

    1. Cheers Lee, yeah, they look the business, don't they?

  2. Those are great- my favourite tank of WW2- underrated but its versitility showed its true strength. Also, unlike most British tanks, it was able to be upgraded gun-wise so it stayed relevant.



    1. Cheers Pete, yep I have a soft-spot for the Churchill as well. I'm surprised that I didn't have any before these, tbh.


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