Chain of Command: Malaya Pint-Sized Campaign Scenario 4: The Flank Attack

With the Australian loss during the last game of the Chain of Command Malaya campaign, despite some heroic actions by Lt Asquith and Sgt Thompson. the battered survivors fell back to the next stop line in the face of the overwhelming Japanese advances. Escaping through the jungle allowed a fresh Japanese platoon to flank attack the next position, just off the main central road. 

However, the Japanese used Ruse as part of their force support options and moved one of their jumping off points (JOP) closer to the Australian defence line. With their Jungle Fighter ability they were able to deploy close enough to one of the four Australian JOPs to make sure it was unusable. 

Meanwhile, they also deployed on the right flank with the aim of advancing on the other JOPs.

And to shore up the attack their supporting Type 95 Ha-Go tank began moving down the main road to flank the Australian positions. 

The Australians had an ace up their sleeve in the shape of a Lanchester armoured car. This may be weak against the tank, but was a powerful anti-infantry element that was immediately threatening the Japanese flank. 

In an effort to get the JOP back the Australians deployed aggressively, to counter the enemy advances. 

They also deployed on the threatened flank to hold positions in the thick jungle. 

The Japanese were pressing in on the Australian positions with the deployment of a third section and the defenders took casualties in the first rounds of firing. The Japanese took a chance and charged in with bayonets to clear the remaining Australians. 

In the furious melee the Australians were wiped out, with Sgt Thompson dying from bayonet wounds during the fight! The hero being killed took its toll on the Australian morale. 

But the Japanese had not got off lightly, losing 14 men killed, and then having to face another Australian section which had deployed.

As one of the Japanese sections broke and ran across the road to escape the Lanchester was able to open fire on the survivors, causing more casualties. 

On the Australian right flank a failed Japanese charge allowed Lt Asquith to arrive, bolster morale and order the section to open fire. The fire was accurate and deadly, killing the Japanese section junior leader! This was enough to reduce Japanese morale to zero and the attack melted away as they lost their nerve. 

Despite all the odds, the Australians won the day, barely hanging on to their positions. The greatest shock was the loss of Sgt Thompson, it would be tough to replace a man like that at this point in the campaign. Also, losing a third of the Australian force in a bayonet attack was also a huge issue. The Japanese, on the other hand, will be able to push anew platoon in to the fray for the next game. 

This was an exciting game again, with a result that could have gone either way. The Australians are allowed to mount a counter attack if they win scenario four, but I will have to think about this, with a third of the soldiers out of action it may be a fool's errand and they may be better off just falling back again. I'll have to give this some more thought. 

As before, I also filmed this game, so you can watch the action here:


  1. A tough decision for the Australians... hard to win a war by just falling back all the time but without a fresh platoon to mount an attack it could be game over for them if it goes wrong.



    1. Yeah this has been a tough campaign for them, just as in real life, The Japanese get to replace their losses, the Australians don't so every casualty counts. They could stand and get destroyed or hope the dice go in their favour in the next confrontation.

    2. Nice write up...I'll watch your video later this morning.

    3. Cheers lee, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed playing the game!

  2. I think you'll find that if the Lanchester had ammo for it's 0.5" Vickers HMG, it would be likely to rip through the Ha Go armour, which was only 12mm at it's thickest. The US 0.5 was able to penetrate, so you probably need to allow the Lanchester to shoot up a Ha Go.

    1. The Lanchester does have an AT capability for firing at tanks, so it is already in the rules.


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