British First World War Infantry in 15mm

After a recent game of Chain of Command for the First World War, I realised that I could do with bulking up my numbers of figures that are based in singles. As Battlefront sell platoon packs of 35 figures these were perfect for my needs. I was able to split them down into a reasonable platoon of four sections. The first being a rifle section:

Battlefront's 15mm British WW1 figures

They had also included enough men for a rifle grenadier section, if you include a couple of extra rifle men to round it out. 

British rifle grenadier section

Also, we have a bomber section. 

British First World War Bomber section

And finally the Lewis gun section. 

British First World War Lewis Gun section in 15mm

And they also included two officers and a sniper team. 

British officers and sniper team for the First World War

They are nice figures with nice poses and some good detail, but historically I can't work out which part of the war they are supposed to be. None are wearing the small box respirator (pre-1917), but the addition of the rifle grenades makes them later war (post-1917). The lack of the SBR is not a major thing, it's a slight annoyance though. 

Over on the Storm of Steel channel, you can find a new Commands and Colours solo AAR, the battle of Bussaco, this scenario has two parts and this is the first, please check it out here:


  1. Thos Brits look good- how does CoC work for WW!? I imagine for the later battles 1918 and so on its is OK...?



    1. Cheers Pete. It works fine, but I have only tried it a couple of times. There's little difference from most aspects, I've played it from 1916 onwards and that works perfectly fine, remember assaulting a trench line is only like a house when you're an infantryman.


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