A British Late War Platoon in 15mm

Pushing ahead with the Plastic Soldier Company figures I bought from Firepower Gaming, I set my sights on putting together a British late war platoon for Chain of Command. The platoon is only 33 figures in size so with the previous twelve that I have painted I was half way there. The rest were made up of two sprues of the figures.

The only thing that these are missing are the Junior leaders having Sten guns, but as I have about 140 figures in total, I am sure there will be plenty available when I have finished the full set. The Platoon consists of three sections of riflemen and a Bren Team, along with the previously mentioned Junior leader, and a HQ of two Senior Leaders, a 2" mortar and a Piat AT weapon. I based some of the riflemen on double bases, just to make moving them easier. This is more for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum, but works perfectly well in CoC as well. Painting two sprues of figures meant that I also have a few spares, rifles and commanders which will be useful in IABSM

Whilst I was painting English Uniform I also painted an Indian dispatch rider for Malaya, this was a conversion of a Flames of War British motorcycle with a Peter Pig Indian head swap. This was a test piece and I am quite happy with how it turned out although the FoW sculpt is a bit ropey, the arms in particular. 


I'll keep working through the British infantry for the next time being, then I can start looking at the Italian campaign. I'll need some Italian style buildings soon enough...

For your interest I also made a video on my painting method for these figures and that is on the Youtube channel, or you can watch it here:


  1. Great stuff- I look forward to sdeeing it on video sometime soon.



    1. Cheers Pete, they will be on the table top soon enough, don't you worry!


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