Plastic Soldier Company's Raupenschlepper Ost

Sometime early this year I picked up a box of Plastic Soldier Company's Raupenschlepper Ost models. The box set has four vehicles in 15mm and I wanted some of these as they are my favourite German tractor vehicles. Also included are several PAK guns, which allows you to make a few variants. My first task was to build two of the 75mm SP gun versions of the RSO. I really like these weird cobbled together German vehicles and these RSOs are defiantly weird.

PSC's RSO 75mm SPs
As I said there was also scope to build some anti-tank guns, so I built a late war 75mm, plus a late war PAK 38/99 and two early war PAK 38s. These are very nice models and are full of detail.

Various anti-tank guns in 15mm

And I also build two of the tractor versions. Again there are options to build the rounded cab version or a hard edged version. I went with the rounded version as I like the look of it. 

15mm PSC RSOs

Along with building these models, I also made a video of the build, showing you exactly how easy these models are to make. Please have a watch here:


  1. What a great amount of versatility from one box - lovely models and a chance to add something a bit more unusual to the army.

    1. Cheers Norm, yeah the PSC kits always have loads of options. The hard part is choosing which to build!

  2. Looking really good. How did you do the camo? Any tutorials? I always struggle with German camo but I like the look of yours.

    1. Cheers! I do have a tutorial video coming soon for the Sdkfz.231s that I also built which covers how I did the camo for these, so keep an eye out for it soon!


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