The Mega-City Grows

Having finally played a tester of the Judge Dredd Miniatures game, I decided to expand the Mega-City a little bit. These buildings will also fit well with Star Wars Legion, so they have a double purpose. I paid a few quid for a couple more Plasticraft buildings. These were actually pre-painted and jolly nice they are as well. This is the first one: 

Plasticraft habitation building

The kit went together very easily, my only issue being that I broke one of the curved corner sections trying to get it into place. However, I easily replaced it with a piece of embossed plasticard (you can't see it on these pictures) and painted it like a rusty sheet of metal. 

A small building for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

The kit scales very well with the Judge Dredd figures and the only thing I had to do was paint some of the edges of the foam board that the kit was made out of. I was going to add some gubbins and bits, but to be honest, it doesn't really need anything else. 

A Judge Dredd style single storey building

The other building was slightly more complex as it had two storeys. But it was easy to build again and adds a bit of height to the table.

A large sci-fi building for Judge Dredd

This one needed a little bit more work than the first one, I had to do a bit of filling on the roof and use a piece of plasticard to cover the fold up. Nothing major though and even building it straight out of the box wouldn't prove to be an issue. 

prepainted two storey building

Having a second floor gives it a nice position to be able to fire down from high during a game.

A Judge Dredd style large building

Alongside the buildings, I also bought a couple of 3D printed holding posts from Sabotag3d. These are nice little immersion markers that will be scattered across the board. 

Holding posts for Judge Dredd

Meanwhile, over on Youtube, my series introducing Historical Wargaming is on to it's second part. This one deals with historical periods and you can watch it here:


  1. Loving them, and off to watch the video!

    French Wargame Holidays

    1. Cheers, I am glad you liked them and I hope you enjoy the video as well!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Lee, I had to do very little with them and they can be used as soon as you've built them really. Well worth a couple of your quids!

  3. Those look really nice tarted up.



    1. Cheers pete, these are nice to start with so they needed very little TLC


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