The Last German Infantry in 15mm

Many years ago I bought the Plastic Soldier Company's German late war support weapons set to use a handful for Rapid Fire formations that I was putting together and the rest of the box lay in the lead mountain. That is, until recently during the recent UK lockdown, when I decided to finish them off as part of my lead mountain reduction drive.

German anti-tank infantry by Plastic Soldier Company

There are a lot more Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks than you would normally have, but who doesn't love a few anti-tank options? I ditched the mortars that came with the set because in Chain of Command and I Ain't Been Shot, Mum they don't really factor, and I have loads of others anyway. The crew will stand in as officers, runners or crew for other weapons, so they weren't wasted. 

15mm German crew and officers

And finally there were a couple of extra MG42s on tripods, along with some troops dragging ammo boxes for the mortars. The latter will work as engineers, or any other similar troop type. 

15mm German machine guns and crew

Another 35 figures and these actually are the very last WW2 15mm figures from my lead (plastic) pile that I had before the lockdown began. There are a few more, but they are casualty figures and literal odds and ends, for which I have no real use which I gave away. I did actually paint these a couple of months ago but I have only just been able to catch up with them on my blog!

Over on Youtube, I made a ground level, entry point video about wargaming in general as an introduction to new players or people just interested, but have no idea about the wider hobby. I'm guessing if you are reading this, it may not be of much use, but you can still watch it here:


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