Industrial Scatter Terrain

Recently I purchased some scatter terrain from Sabotag3d for Judge Dredd and Legion. These are 3D printed pieces and are generic industrial machines. They are advertised as Air Scrubbers, but I thought they looked more like something you'd find in a factory or industrial zone.

Industrial scatter terrain

I ummed and arred for a while about what colours to use on them, but bit the bullet and just went with generic rust, meaning they could fit into a fair few different settings. If you are interested, I painted them black, with a coat of Vallejo's Oily Steel, washed that with Flory Wash's Rust and drybrushed the Oily Steel over the top again. I then dabbed on some weathering powders and Nuln Oil streaks and painted the pipes. Very simple really. 

3D printed industrial terrain

They are nice and chunky lumps that will work very well as cover either on a street or within a industrial building and I am happy with how they turned out.

Scale with a 28mm Judge Dredd figure

Meanwhile, over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel I have recently published a new video in the Malaya Campaign series looking at the Battle of the Parit Sulong Bridge. Check it out here:

And in other news, I was guest on the Across the Pond Wargames podcast talking about solo wargaming. You can hear the episode by clicking HERE


  1. Those look great. May have to get something similar for my Necromunda set up.



    1. Thanks Pete, they were a good price from Sabotag3d and are definitely worth a look.


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