I'll Go Up To 4 On Ya!

During the Lockdown, I took a break from the hundreds of 15mm figures I have been painting, and I dived back into the new Warlord Judge Dredd figures that I also have in the pile. I completed the box set called Denizens of the Mega City which has five 28mm figures in starting with this bat glider:

A Bat Glider by Warlord Games

Also included is this East-Meg Agent:

A Sov agent by Warlord Games

A serial killer, apparently she is the wife of the bat-glider. I am not aware of their places in the Dredd world, so I assume they are modern characters. 

Oola Blint by Warlord Games

Another figure is this Futsie, someone suffering from Future Shock syndrome and going berserk with some power tools!

A Futsie goes berserk with power tools

And finally, this vigilante. I like this set, the poses are quite nice and there is a lot of detail on each of the figures. They are made form the new Warlord resin material which, although slightly bendy, has really crisp detail. 

A Vigilante by Warlord Games

Whilst I worked on the denizens box, I also painted Mean Machine Angel from another box set. Mean Machine has always been one of my favourite JD characters The way his aggressiveness is controlled by the dial on his forehead is an inspired character trait!

Mean Machine Angel

Another fine additions to the growing Judge Dredd collection. In other news, on the Storm of Steel wargaming Youtube channel I have uploaded a video about the remaining flak towers in Vienna which I filmed whilst I was visiting my wife recently. There's some information about these imposing structures on the video:


  1. Great work.

    The video was fantastic... was hoping you'd go inside the empty towers urbex style though....



    1. Cheers buddy. I would to get inside, but they are all boarded up and fenced off so it's pretty hard. I wonder if there is someone you can contact to do it though...

  2. Nice work on the Denizens.

    Oola and Homer Blint first appeared around the late 1990s I think (just checked - Prog 1050).

    Karl Raider (the vigilante) was a few years earlier and was just a short run of 5 or 6 progs.

    1. Thank you, that will why I have missed them, I'd stopped reading it regularly by then...


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