Hedge Hogs

The one thing that is missing from my gaming table is hedge rows and given that I now play more Lardy games, these are a bit more necessary than when playing Rapid Fire, due to their smaller level. But, I didn't want bocage style hedges, just normal bog standard hedges. Going through one of my boxes I found a load of coffee stirrers that I had liberated from Greggs when I was working close to one years ago. I'd never had  much use for them, but I figured they could be useful as the base for hedgerows. The first step was to cut them down to size, in this case I split each 7" piece into two, one 3" and one 4" long.  

I then clipped the ends into triangles so that they would sit together on the tabletop, and painted them in Flat Earth by Vallejo. Next I added static grass as you can see above and left them to dry. The next step was the add clump foliage. I did this exactly the same with the 2mm woods that I made a while ago. You can read about the technique HERE

Using my fingers I moulded them into hedge shapes and added them to the sticks and left them to dry for a couple of days. This is a very messy way of making scenery, as my bottle of PVA can attest... I would advise wearing latex gloves!

And that was it, a very simple way of making a load of hedges. I worked it out and I have about 7' of them, but I think I may need a few more. However, I also have plenty of fences to add so this is enough for now!

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