The Empire Strikes Back (in 15mm)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I bought myself about fifty 15mm Stormtroopers from Highlander Studios. I also have a bunch from Khurasan, but the Highlander figures are head and shoulders above them in design, size and closeness to the originals. However, I only managed to paint ten or so when I first got them and they have sat in my lead mountain until now!

forty 15mm Star wars Stormtroopers

As part of my efforts to paint everything I currently have waiting during the Covid-19 pandemic these Stormtroopers came up on the list. The previous ones had been blacklined and I spent a lot of time on them and this was what was probably putting me off doing more. This time around, I simply painted them white, washed them in Nuln Oil, drybrushed with white again and picked out some details in black. From a gaming distance they look fine to me. Meanwhile, I also had eight Rebel trooper stand ins from Ground Zero Games, which were an addition to the Rebels I already had. These were also painted as part of the Stormtrooper rush and here they are:

15mm Rebel stand ins for Star wars

The main problem with Star Wars in 15mm is the lack of decent stand ins, there are bits and pieces here and there, but you can really struggle with getting a good likeness. That said, I will probably be using these in Star Wars themed Chain of Command games, so around forty infantry is perfect and you won't really need much more than this.

Speaking of Chain of Command, here is part two of the Malaya Pint-Sized Campaign that I have been playing:


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