A Ruined Church

Back when I was a poor wargamer and couldn't afford to buy manufactured products, I had to make my own and I built a few buildings, including a ruined church. I used it in a game recently and realised that I really should spruce it up a bit. So I did and this is it. 

Ruined church scratch built model

I clad it in embossed plasticard, to look like a stone built building. I added details such as the corner edging and window details. 

US paras in 15mm for scale with the ruined church

I also mounted it on a vinyl tile as a church yard, added gravestones and a dry stone wall which I found on Ebay. The grass is static grass and the foliage on the walls is some leaf like scatter that I have. I like the way that this breaks up the wall shapes in particular. 

The walls came from a seller on Ebay

Further details were added in the form of grass tufts, flowers and a lamp from Sabotag3d. I also put some rubble around the building. I was going to add more collapse details on the interior, but I wanted to be able to move figures about inside. 

Figures can be placed inside

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, it did take a while to get it finally finished and I stumbled along the way but I am glad that I kept at it. And if you're wondering what it looked like before I got to work on it, well, here it is:

Ruined church model in it's original form

Also, on the Storm of Steel Yotube channel, I have released part two of the How to Play Chain of Command videos, and a look at my German Stalingrad forces for Rapid Fire/IABSM. Have a look at both them here:


  1. That is a really excellent transformation. The original is nicely planned out, but the upgrade obviously takes it to another level. The burn charring is spot on. I am in a bit of a building / basing drive at the moment, so enjoyed this.

    1. Cheers Norm, I was on the verge of throwing the original away, so I am glad I didn't!

  2. Excellent work on the scratch build and even beter work on the upgrade!

    1. Thanks Greg, I think the original was OK for a twenty year old model, but I am much happier with the upgrade!

  3. That looks great. The before and after pictures shows how a bit of fettling and a good base can really lift a model.



    1. Cheers Pete, it took a while to upgrade, but it wasn't a particularly difficult build and I agree that the base really adds a punch to the overall effect.

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