More Spare Germans in 15mm

As I worked my way through the lead mountain, the next batch of figures I pulled out was 51 15mm German early war infantry. I painted half the number with urban bases and the other half with rural bases to give me a bit more flexibility with their use. 

15mm German wargaming figures

I am not sure where I got these, but they seem to be from  Forged in Battle. There's a few Battlefront and Peter Pig also mixed in. 

15mm German infantry

These are going to be very useful for games such as Chain of Command and I Ain't Been Shot, Mum as leaders, or individual figures in a section.

On the Youtube channel, I also put out a couple of videos recently, one showing me build a Tiger tank kit, and the other a solo game of Block Mania, the classic Games Workshop Judge Dredd themed board game. Check them both out below (and please subscribe):


  1. The little dudes look great. I'll eagerly anticipate seeing them in games.

    1. Cheers buddy, I will get them on the tabletop soon enough!

  2. They look good.

    Block Mania is a classic game. Real shame it won't get a new edition....



    1. Cheers Pete, yep, BM could really do with an upgrade. It's slightly clunky in places and I feel a reworking would make it an awesome game. It's still fun in it's present form though.


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