More Immersion Markers

With the recent addition of a railway to my tabletop, I also wanted some rolling stock to use as scenery in games. I saw a photograph of Japanese soldiers advancing alongside a railway and that is what inspired me. 

Japanese advance past trains

The railway lines that I have from Ironclad Miniatures are TT gauge, which means nothing to me. But a search on Ebay and I found these four wagons.

Rolling stock to be used as scenery for wargaming

I weathered the wagons simply by sploshing Agrax Earthshade over the bare plastic and then lightly drybrushed the whole thing in a shade slightly lighter than the plastic colour. The matt varnish helped to reduce the shine of the plastic and I think they have turned out OK. 

railway scenery in TT gauge

I also ordered these concrete telegraph poles (AKA immersion tokens) from Sabotag3d. These are 15mm scale and stand about 5cm high. I put them on small MDF bases and painted them in neutral grey with a drybrush over the top. 

15mm concrete telegraph poles

So, I now have more additions to the tabletop that just add that little bit extra. They look good in games and make a board seem slightly more realistic. Meanwhile, over on the Youtube channel I published a video about building a 1/35th Scale Tiger IE by Zvezda. I enjoyed doing the video and if you want to see more like it let me know (and please subscribe...):


  1. Nice bits for the table. Watched the Panzer build- was good- looking forward to the painting part.



  2. Well done, splendid additions!


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