15mm Americans

Many, many years ago I bought some 15mm Americans from Peter Pig for use in Rapid Fire. These were added to some that I had had for even longer! The ones that I didn't use sat in bag until I stripped the paint of the handful that I had painted and set about repainting them as part of my lead mountain reduction project during lockdown.

15mm American support weapons

The ones above are a few heavy weapons and support weapons, including a few figures that I don't recognise. Below are the rifle and SMG figures that I have based singly. 

American rifles and SMGs

I ran out bases, so I had to paint the single figures in two batches whilst I waited for a new order to arrive and here are the rest:

More US infantry in 15mm

I have based most of these as singles so they can be used for Chain of Command. I don't think I have enough for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum, even with the original ones I painted but I may add more in the future for that purpose.

Meanwhile, on Youtube I have posted a couple of new videos, the first is part one of the How to Play Chain of Command series, which will have four parts in total, the second is a recording of the game of Dux Britannarium which I played via Zoom at the weekend as part of Virtual Lard, you can check them both out below:


  1. Nice work.

    I look forward to seeing them in an upcoming video.



    1. Cheers Pete, yep, I need these to hit the table now they are painted...

  2. I look forward to seeing these in action in an upcoming video.

    1. Cheers Andrew, yep, I will have to make some time to get them on the tabletop


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