The Drive on Stalingrad: A Solo Chain of Command AAR

As the Covid-19 lockdown keeps us in our houses, last weekend I broke out my Romanian and Soviets for a clash during the drive to Stalingrad. This scenario was set after the crossing of the Donets River by the Romanian VI Corps supporting 1st Panzer Army. The Soviets are defending a small ammo and fuel dump as a Romanian platoon approaches to capture it. I played the game using Chain of Command and made a video, the AAR of which is below. Below that are the photos I took whilst playing. 

The table set up

The Soviet ammo & fuel dump, nestled beside a small farm. 

The Soviet fuel and ammo dump

Immediately, the Soviets positioned their 45mm AT gun on the road by the farm and dump.

A Soviet AT gun is positioned next to the road

The Romanians forward units begin moving towards their objectives supported by a R-2 tank.

Romanian tank and infantry move forward

On the Romanian right flank another section crosses the river. 

A Romanian section crosses the river

Meanwhile, Soviet infantry take up positions in the tree lines.

Soviet infantry in the tree line

Firing on the Romanians, the Soviets cause shock and casualties. 

Soviet fire causes shock and casualties

On the other flank the AT gun and the R-2 trade shots down the road.

The R-2 tank fires at the AT gun

But the R-2 is also hit and retreats with some shock.

The R-2 takes shock and retreats down the road!

Meanwhile, Romanian infantry move closer to the farm buildings and prepare to fire.

The farm is threatened by Romanian infantry

Whilst on the Soviet left flank two sections are bogged down in a firefight which is going the Romanian's way!

A firefight amidst the trees

The Soviet commander barks orders to hold the position.

The Soviet commander instructs his troops

Another Romanian section makes a dash across open ground under covering fire to attack the farm's flank. 

Romanian infantry move to attack the farm

A close assault on the barn is successful for the Romanian infantry

The barn comes under attack from Romanian infantry

The AT gun is finally silenced by fire from the infantry and the R-2. 

The At gun is silenced

Due to the Romanian attack, the barn bursts into flames!

The barn is on fire

The smoke gives the attacking infantry cover.

The smoke provides cover

Meanwhile, the Soviets are attempting to organise a defence.

Pressure is felt by the Soviet defenders

With the AT gun destroyed and the way forward for the R-2 the game ends with a Romanian victory! 

The Soviets lost enough junior leaders and a section for their Force Morale to collapse and the game ended with a Romanian victory. With the R-2 being unopposed by any Soviet AT capability it was a sure result anyway even if it had gone on much longer. Chain of Command always provides a good game and this was no different and I also enjoyed using the Romanians as a slightly different force than usual. 


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