Tamiya 1/35th Scale Sturmgeschütz Model

Last year I bought a few model kits from Hobbycraft which was dangerously close to my commute from work... One of them was this Tamiya 1/35th scale Sturmgeschütz IV. As we are still in lockdown, I decided to have a crack at building it. 

The basic build took me about four hours on a Sunday afternoon and the kit was lovely. It went together really well and the moulding was clean and crisp. For its price, I was very happy with it. 

I couldn't tell you how accurate a kit it is, as I didn't do much research, but it looks fine from my point of view. 

The kit was painted with a base coat of Vallejo's Middlestone. I then added the typical German camouflage of the late war using Chocolate Brown and Reflective Green. These two colours were painted on with a ripped up sponge so that it looks like it's been sprayed on roughly. It's the first time I have tried this technique and I was very pleased with the results!

I did a very basic weathering on the vehicle, using Flory Grime wash over all, with some pin washes of Flory Rust and Games Workshop's Agrax Earthshade

I also added some mud around the wheels with Pollyfilla painted in various shades of brown. Finally, I used some Revell weathering powders to add a bit of dust, grime and rust in various areas across the tank. 

I also had some stowage left over from a model kit I built a good few years ago, and this added a little bit more interest overall. 

So this was a lovely kit to build, a good price and I am happy with how it turned out. I also made a short video to show it off as well, that you can see here:

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