Rebel Veterans and Support Laser Cannon

As part of the drive to reduce the lead mountain during the UK lockdown I pulled out these Rebel Veterans for Star Wars: Legion. I have had these for a while, I built them and never progressed beyond that. A good thing about being housebound means I am able to tackle this pile of unpainted lead (and plastic). So I did.

Star Wars legion Rebel Trooper Veterans

These Rebel Veterans are the ones from the Battle of Hoth, but as I don't have a snow themed board I painted them in muted Khaki tones so they would fit into my terrain stuff. 

Rebel Troopers and support weapons

I also bought a 1.4 FD laser tower to give them some heavy support. This is a nice piece and has a lot of detail. However, the circular base that comes with the kit is big and dumb, so I got rid of it ASAP. I made my own with a piece of plasticard to reduce the size of the footprint.

Rebel 1.4 FD laser tower for Star Wars Legion

I know the smaller base will upset the rules lawyers who seem to play Legion, but I prefer some realism in my games... 

Emplaced Rebel firepower

These were nice figures to paint and I would like to add some more veterans to the force at some point in the future, but until then they will have to do!

Over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel I posted another video in my ongoing Commands and Colors Napoleonic Solo AAR series. This is the third scenario of the Battle of Vimeiro. This was an enjoyable game and I hope you enjoy the video:

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  1. They look good- the Khaki suits them. Far more useful in that colour than snow based I guess too.



    1. Cheers Pete, as much as I love the Battle of Hoth there's no way I am remaking everything in snow...


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