15mm Soviets

As the lockdown in the UK rolls on, I have been looking at the figures in my lead pile. I figured it would be a good chance to reduce the number in the mountain and get some usable figures for some of the TFL games that I am more inclined to play these days. I dug out these Soviets by Plastic Soldier Company

15mm Soviets by Plastic Soldier Company

There was about fifty left over from some of my older projects, so I split them and painted half with urban bases and half with grass bases so that I could use them in different style games. They are all mounted individually as well, so I can use them as Big Men or Leaders for IABSM or Chain of Command

15mm Soviets by Plastic Soldier Company

They were nice and easy to paint and another reduction of the overwhelming mountain. I also used some the urban based figures in a recent solo game of IABSM based in Stalingrad. You can watch the AAR video here:

Also recently I started a series of videos playing each of the Commands and Colors Napoleonics scenarios as solo games. This is the second one, the Battle of Rolica part two.


  1. They look great, well done. I am inspired! WW2 Russians have been on the "to do" list for ages.

    1. Cheers buddy, I am glad I have inspired you!

  2. Those look very nice.




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