15mm Germans

A long time ago Dean gave me a load of Battlefront 15mm Late War Germans in plastic. I also had a ton of Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Late War Germans left over from various other projects. So I thought it was high-time that I finished them off to use in Chain of Command or IABSM. I mounted them all individually and split the figures between rural and urban bases. 

15mm German late war riflemen

I put them on different bases to ensure they were usable on different tables. The first batch was 52 riflemen.

15mm German riflemen on urban bases

Next up was a batch of 44 leaders, SMGs and AT teams. 

15mm plastic German leaders and AT figures

German leaders and AT teams on urban bases

And the final batch was 30 LMG teams.

German 15mm LMG teams on rural bases

German LMG teams on urban bases

So in total, I ended up with 126 figures that I can now use in games for the future. It took a while and I nearly went blind painting the detail as the batches were big in number, but they are completed now!

Meanwhile, I recently learned how to play Command and Colors: Napoleonic as a solo game. It's not hard, to be honest, but with this in mind I decided to make a series of videos working my way through the scenarios in the core box. The first one is the Battle of Rolica, and you can see the video here: