When the Barrage Lifts: A Square Bashing Solo AAR

Last weekend, given the interest in the last solo game of Square Bashing, I set up another scenario. This time it was the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916. Myself and my mates had played this scenario previously about four years ago. You can read the AAR of that game HERE and you can also see the map of the board HERE. I also filmed this weekend's game and you can watch that here:

Also, I took lots of photos which I posted on Twitter as the game went on and I have gathered them all together in this post, so please enjoy them:

The board looking south, with the villages of Serre, Beaumont-Hamel and Thiepval behind German lines

A British rolling barrage opens the engagement

And the assault goes in!

The Yorks and Lancs Pal Battalions hit the German trenches

The Newfoundland Division attack their opposing positions

But are soon driven back!

Elsewhere British soldiers gain the frontline trenches

The Germans respond with their own barrage

The Pals battalions sweep through the frontline of defence

German artillery holds up the advance at the Hawthorne Crater

The German artillery fire is unrelenting

And throws elements of the 29th and the 36th (Ulster) Divisions back

Meanwhile the Sheffield & Barnsley Pals threaten Serre

As the Newfies attack Hawthorne Crater in the flank

German artillery falls short and drops on Serre destroying some of the defenders

But the first British attack is repulsed

At Beaumont-Hamel British units attempting to take the village suffer heavy casualties

As there is more failure at the crater

But then Serre falls!

As does the crater!

The Newfoundlanders launch yet another attack on Beaumont-Hamel and just add tho their piles of dead

Mid game and two objectives are in British hands

Despite great defence at Beaumont-Hamel the Germans are finally ejected

With Beaumont-Hamel falling into British hands three objectives are captured

On the final turn the British win a victory with three objectives held

The board at the end of the attack. A great victory for the BEF!


  1. Great post. I haven't had the time to watch the video, but I will try this coming week. Do you play any other Peter Pig rules?

    1. Cheers buddy! I am glad you liked the post and i hope you enjoy the video!

  2. This is such a fabulous looking game.
    I have come 'late' to your blog, via the unusual route of a search for 'Somme', rather than the more common one of via links on other people's blogs or a comment. I have duly 'followed' so will enjoy seeing your games and painting from here on.
    Regards, James


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