The Mind: Judge Anderson

Along with Judge Dredd, I also bought and painted PSI Judge Cassandra (see what they did there?) Anderson. This is another model from the new Warlord Games Judge Dredd range. 

Judge Cassandra Anderson by Warlord Games

As with the Judge Dredd figure this is also made from resin and has some very nice detail on the model. This made it very nice to paint and easy to pick out the smaller details. 

I know what you're thinking

Anderson also comes along with her Lawmaster Mk.III bike in a dramatic pose of her almost jumping off the vehicle. 

Judge Anderson and a Lawmaster by Warlord Games

Again, this bike is very well detailed and cleanly moulded. There was very little clean required and what was was easy to do given the softness of the resin. 

Dispensing justice on the streets!

Along with the two figures and bike, you also get some Armoury and Big Meg cards in the set for use in the game, so there's quite a lot in there for the price. 

The Judge Anderson figures by Warlord Games

Don't forget that I am selling a few of these sets over on EBay, check the listings at the foot of this post. And if you want to see more of the Judge Dredd Miniatures range, please watch this video of the an unboxing of the retailers demo pack on Storm of Steel on Youtube. Please subscribe to the channel!


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