A Pad Of My Very Own

A while ago, Dean tasked me with breathing new life into a Plastcraft Games model that he lost enthusiasm for. To be fair he'd done most of the heavy lifting by building it, painting it, washing it and basing it. So there wasn't a great deal that I needed to do.

A platicraft building for the Judge Dredd miniatures game

I used some Flory Washes and Revell weathering powders to add some weathering and rust to the building. I also picked out the panel lines with Games Workshop's Nuln Oil and that was it. I also added some of Warlord Games' Judge Dredd graffiti decals. These come with the starter box set (see my EBay listings at the bottom of this post) and are very good for the Mega-City One vibe.

A terrain piece for Judge Dredd miniatures game

Although the graffiti is Judge Dredd themed, this building will work just as well for Star Wars: Legion games, so it's nice to be able to double it's usage. It's a basic, but nice model and fits in well with the Dredd figures as you can see here with a few for scale:

Two perps hide from Judge Dredd

Dean also picked up some of the other Plastcraft Games kits and I intend to get them built soon, to add a bit more Mega-City vibes to the table top!

buildings from Plasticraft

And over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel, I released an AAR from a solo game of Chain of Command mashed up with Star wars Legion. Please watch it here (and please subscribe!):


  1. That looks brilliant...great effect with the decals.

  2. Looks great- the decals are a nice touch.



    1. Cheers Pete, yes, they really make it come alive.

  3. Very nice table piece

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