More British Infantry For Malaya

Hot on the heels of my Indian soldiers for Malaya, come these British troops. They are a mix of Forged in Battle and Peter Pig 8th Army. I bough a platoon box of FIB at a recent gaming show (I forget which) and they have been sat around unpainted for a while. I made up a few sections, along with supporting 2" mortars and Boys Anti-Tank rifles. There was enough left over for a couple of Big Men as well. 

15mm British infantry for the defence of Malaya

I also had a few extra Boys anti-tank rifle men, so I have far more than I need and probably more than were actually in the defence forces! The FIB and Peter Pig figures work well together and I like the detail on both. 

British support troops for Malaya

I do still need a few more sections to make up enough units for some of the scenarios in the Too Fat Lardies Fall of the Lion Gate book for IABSM

On the subject of Malaya, here is the next video on the Malaya campaign on the Storm of Steel Wargaming Youtube channel. Watch it here and please subscribe:


  1. They look really good. I'm sure they'll be glad of the extra support.

    Pleasure to have met you at the weekend too.



    1. Cheers Pete, yes, it was lovely to finally put a face to a name! Really enjoyed the talk as well.

  2. They look very nice, and you could justifiably also do some of the helmets sand coloured for variety. My grandfather's regiment were diverted from the Middle East and arrived in all their desert regalia. I've also seen photos of soldiers in KD with sand helmets in Burma.

    1. Cheers Martin, I seem to remember you mentioning this a long while ago on TMP when I was first looking into the uniform colours for Malaya. Was your Grandfather in Singapore itself? I went with the green helmets as they seemed to be worn by the original defenders on the peninsular, but I will probably include a few sand ones in future.


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