Freeze Punk!

With the release of the new(ish) Judge Dredd Miniatures Game by Warlord Games, I have been working my way through some of their new figures. The first coming from my trader promo box were these two street punks. 

Street Punks from Mega City One

I wanted to make these a little bit cartoony, so I went for brighter colours than I normally would. I like the poses and the sculpts are pretty good as well. They are definitely a step up from the old range that Warlord produced. 

Street punks by Warlord Games

As I said, these are part of the new Judge Dredd range by Warlord Games. I am selling some of the box sets of the games over on EBay, all are brand new and wrapped, check them out HERE (or see the bottom of this post.

Over on the Storm of Steel wargaming Youtube channel, I recently posted the show report from Vapnartak, held in York. Watch the video here (and please subscribe to the channel!): 


  1. They look rater good- nice to see the style of the old comics coming through.



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah, I've been trying to use brighter and primary colours to emulate the printing in the comics.


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