Welcome to the Jungle

With my interest in the Malaya campaign reignited recently, I realise that I needed some more jungle style terrain than the few palm trees that I already have. I bought a bunch of cheap palm trees and aquarium plants from EBay and came up with this terrain piece based on an old CD.

A Jungle terrain piece for Malaya

The work took about an hour, (not including drying times) and I am happy with it turned out. It works well with my 15mm figures, but can be used for anything up to 28mm. It can also be used for many settings, not just jungle. 

Jungle terrain and Japanese figures for scale

As I said, this was pretty easy to knock together and I decided to make a video on how to do it, so you can copy my techniques. Watch the video here (and please subscribe to the channel):

In a similar vein, I also made some smaller impassable terrain pieces. These were made with rubberised horse hair on some bases with flowers and static grass added. 

More Jungle pieces

These combined with the palm trees will make my board look a lot more like a primary jungle that it currently does. 


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