Platoon Markers for IABSM

When we were trying out the I Ain't Been Shot, Mum rules, we noticed that in the excitement of the game we occasionally forgot which platoon was which when their card was pulled out of the deck. I came up with this solution: numbered bases that will sit besides the platoons during a game. 

I used a small sized MDF base with a small square of Pasticard glued on for the printed numbered label to be stuck onto in turn. I used some spare figures, and these represent Military Police, runners or any number of other logistical personnel. They will have no bearing on the game at all and their use is literally to mark the number of the platoon, but I wanted to have something with a bit of interest than some basic labels. 

I have yet to see how these will fair in a game, but I am sure they will make playing the game lot easier. 

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