Japanese and British Shock Markers

With the recent decision to tackle some Too Fat Lardy games, I needed some shock markers. These are used in both I Ain't Been Shot, Mum and Chain of Command and you may have spotted some in my recent IABSM AAR (click here). I had done similar markers for the Eastern Front and but needed these ones for the Malaya campaign. Here are the Japanese:

Japanese Shock markers in 15mm

And the British. In both cases, I used casualty figures from Peter Pig, mounted on Flames of War small size bases. I got these from Sally 4th in MDF and also made some from Plasticard cut to size. Also, I had tons of 7mm dice holders left over when I changed the base labels on my Blucher 6mm Napoleonics, so I used one of these to hold the dice which will be used in turn to count shock during a game. 

British shock markers in 15mm

A final thing I did was add some static grass and flowers to break up the shape of the base and they were done. As shock rarely gets higher than above six before a unit is destroyed or retreats then a dice is perfect for this purpose.

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  1. Love your work.
    As an alternative to using standard d6 to mark shock I ended up making my own dice, which were wooden cubes painted green and marked with roman numerals.
    Most are marked I-V, but a few are marked VI-X (one side left blank).
    The advantages of these is that they are less conspicuous on table, far less likely to be accidentally picked up and thrown, and up to 10 points of shock can be shown with a single dice (useful for larger squads).
    Just a thought.


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