Napoleon's Armee Du Nord 1815 in 6mm

As promised, here is Napoleon's entire Armee Du Nord of 1815 in 6mm. First a couple of pics (click on them to enlarge) and below them, the video over on the Storm of Steel Youtube Channel:

Napoleon's Army of the Waterloo campaign 1815

Three thousand 6mm figures

Baccus 6mm Napoleonic figures

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OK, as my wife is home for Christmas from tomorrow, this blog will quieten down until the new year, so have a good festive time and I'll be back in January!


  1. A lovely looking army, it simply emphasis that 6mm is the best way to wargame the really larghe battles, well done.

    1. Thank you! Yes, 6mm is definitely the way to go for doing periods like the Napoleonic wars.

    2. Nice work! Enjoy your holiday!

    3. Thank you FMB! I will and I hope you do too!

  2. good work feels good when it's done :)


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