13th Cavalry Division, Cavalry (Reserve) Corps, Armee Du Nord 1815

Here is the penultimate Cavalry Division that I need for Napoleon's Reserve (Cavalry) Corps of 1815. It is also the penultimate unit that I need to finish the entire army! It is the 13th Cavalry Division, commanded by Général de Division Pierre Watier and consisting of the 1st, 4th 7th and 12th Cuirassiers. 

6mm Cavalry figures by Baccus

This division was held in reserve at Ligny and was involved in a limited pursuit at the end of the battle. 

6mm cavalry for Blucher

At Waterloo, the 13th Division was initially in the second line reserve where it had a great view of the grand battery's work bombarding the Allied line. At 3.30 pm it joined the 14th Division in the massed cavalry attacks that defined the afternoon of the battle.

the penultimate unit of the French army of 1815

Only one more unit to complete and the French army is finally finished!

The information for this post came from Mark Adkin's Waterloo Companion and John Franklin's Waterloo (1) Quatre-BrasWaterloo (2) Ligny & Waterloo (3) Mont St Jean and Wavre by Osprey (Amazon affiliate links).

Over on the Storm of Steel Youtube Channel I posted a video of over an hour of German Marches from the First World War. It's a perfect soundtrack to your games, listen to them here: 


  1. Lovely cuirassiers and just one more division left to post - great going! :)

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