What a Humdinger!

I am working my way steadily through the Hotwheels cars I bought and one of the ones I wanted to tackle was this HumVee. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it, but I stuck a radar dish and a pair of machine guns on the bonnet. 

A painted Humvee ready for combat in Gaslands

I painted it in black, but was a bit stuck on the weathering, so I added some Flory Washes in white, but that looked too stark, so went back to thinking. In the end, I gave it a light drybrush in Bolt Gun Metal in an attempt to give the black a metallic look. 

A black Humvee ready for action

I also added a bit of weathering from dust, but I am not entirely sure I am happy with it. I may come back to it in the future, but I'm putting to one side for now. 

Another model finished for Gaslands

A little while ago whilst we were at FIASCO, we called in to the Royal Armouries to have a look at their science-fiction display. It's pretty small, but has a couple of really nice props, like this Pulse Rifle from Aliens. 

Aliens props at the Royal Armouries

Along with this original Star Wars blaster pistol. A really nice thing to see!

A Star Wars blaster original prop

They also had a couple of props from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this helmet:

A helmet from The Holy Grail

And this one from the French Knights:

Original prop for the Holy Grail

And in a nice display, Darth Vader's helmet was on display some of the other historical helmets that had inspired the design. Unfortunately, this was a reproduction of Vader's helmet, but a good display all the same. 

Darth Vader's helmet and its ancestors.

While you have go this far, please check out the latest video on the Storm of Steel Wargaming Channel on Youtube (a please subscribe!). This is about the Battle of Kampar, part of the ongoing Second World War in the Far East series.