Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Whilst at Fiasco, I bought a couple of Cthulhu related sets from Reaper Miniatures, largely because I was brow-beaten into it by Dean. But they will work nicely as tokens or other game accessories for the Arkham Horror series of games. 

A Reaper Miniatures Cthulhu Obelisk

The first is this rather nice Cthulhu headed obelisk. 

The Stars Are Right!

Reaper Miniatures are already undercoated so all I did was paint this in various greys and browns with a slight drybrushing of green on the head. 

Stranger Eons

I also added some clump foliage to look like weeds and plants were growing up the statue. I also bought this Cthulhu shrine

A Reaper Miniatures Cthulhu Shrine

This one is a bit more flamboyant than the Obelisk.

Cthulhu Fhtagn!

It was painted in pretty much the same method as before, with inkwashing and drybrushing a-plenty.  

Dead but dreaming

These will work as first player tokens or score markers or a whole host of other uses in games. Whilst I am talking about Arkham Horror, here is a full playthrough of the Arkham Horror Card Game scenario Undimensioned and Unseen from the Dunwich Legacy Campaign. There are lots of spoilers in the video, but if you are interested, please watch it here (and subscribe to the channel!):

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