2nd Brigade, 19th Division, VI Corps, Army Du Nord 1815

Moving on with getting VI Corps finished is the 2nd Brigade of 19th Division. This was commanded by Général de Brigade Chevalier Louis-Marie-Joseph Thevenet and was made up of the 27th and 84th Regiments of Line infantry. 

6mm figures by Baccus

Although the historical unit had four battalions, this one is classed as under strength in Blucher, so it only has three on the base. 

The Waterloo Campaign

The 19th Division had little impact at Ligny and during Waterloo it was positioned on the French right and defended Plancenoit. The 27th and 84th fought hard in the gardens and houses of the village but were unable to hold against the Prussian onslaught. 

6mm figures by Baccus Ltd

This unit marks the half way point of VI Corps, so it won't be long now until I never have to paint another French infantryman! 

The information for this post came from Mark Adkin's Waterloo Companion and John Franklin's Waterloo (3) Mont St Jean and Wavre by Osprey (Amazon affiliate links).

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  1. Cracking brigade :)

    Just two more French brigades left to do? Do you have all the "British" and Prussians?

    1. Thanks Tamsin! Yes, just two French infantry brigades (there's still some cavalry left). I have the Anglo-Allies completed, but I still need to do the Prussians....


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