Herbie goes Bananas

I have been working my way through the Hotwheels cars I bought recently for Gaslands. The next one I finished was this VW Beetle. 

I added a Minigun from North Star Military Figures Implements of Carnage set. Also, I put an extra spare tyre on the rear boot, a little more protection for the driver!

This was painted in a very light and pale blue, which looks quite greyish after the weathering. I also tried out the Games Workshop Typhus Corrosion paint on this. It's a brown textured paint that is supposed to look like rust. I dry brushed the areas with reds and orange to try to make the rust pop. I'm not sure I got it right but this was my first time trying the paint, so it's all part of a learning curve. 

I am still finding my way around modelling these vehicles and I am still trying out new techniques each time I complete one. They are a little vanilla at the moment, but as I learn more, I will be doing more to the ones I do in the future.

Over on the Storm of Steel Wargaming Youtube channel I posted an AAR of a recent game of Rapid Fire set in Malaya, the Battle of Gemas. You can watch the game here:


  1. This vehicle is awesome, beautiful beetle and splednid photos!

    1. Cheers Phil! I am glad you're so enthusiastic about it!


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