Floor It!

I have been experimenting with some toy cars that I bought ready for Gaslands. The good thing about this game is that the initial outlay is pretty low, toy cars are very affordable! I picked up some and set about painting the first one. It's a Hotwheels BMW which I repainted in my own scheme.

A toy car used in Gaslands

It was a simple process, I drilled out the lugs holding it together (tutorial video coming soon...), stripped the metal parts in Wilco's paint remover, primed it in white, painted in Vallejo's Intermediate Green, varnished it, used Flory Washes Black, then wiped off the excess. I then used ripped up sponge to put on the rust effects with layers of GW's Bolt Gun Metal, Vallejo's US Tan Earth and finally Vallejo's Hull Red. Finally, I painted front and rear lights.

North Star Implements of Carnage are added to the car

The machine gun, driver and exhaust pipe are all from North Star Military Figures and their Implements of Carnage set. These are excellent additions to any would-be death racer. 

Death on the roads!

I've also been looking around for inspiration for future models and have been thinking about this beastie. Bonus points for naming the film it's from...

Spiky Beatle!

Also, we recently played the Battle of Gemas, part of the Malaya campaign, I wrote an AAR which can be found HERE, but here is a Storm of Steel Youtube video of the game, please watch it here (and please subscribe!):

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  1. That looks pretty cool. Like the weathering / battle damage effect. I'm tempted to get back into Gaslands now!

    1. Cheers Jim it was a pretty simple technique that I used, really.

  2. The cars that ate Paris.
    Car looks pretty cool


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