Keep on Truckin'

Whilst at the Other Partizan, I bought myself some of the Plastic Soldier Company's 15cwt CMP trucks in 15mm. I was going to add them to my British Malaya forces, but I am not sure that there any in Malaya. However, there were some in the Philippines, so I can use them when I finally get around to looking into that campaign.

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm CMP Trucks

They are lovely little models, very easy to construct and full of crisp detail. I didn't go over board on the painting, just using Vallejo's Bronze Green and English Uniform for the body and tarpaulins, respectively. 

15 cwt CMP Trucks for the Far East

Also, recently, I have been sorting out my figure storage, shifting everything into 9 litre Really Useful Boxes, using the Commission Figurines storage trays to fit everything in and reduce my storage foot print. It gave me a chance to have a look at my 15mm WW2 collection. 

Lots of 15mm toy tanks!

I realised that I have a LOT of T-34 tanks... Well, you can never have too many T-34s, can you?

15mm infantry and guns!

This blog has been quiet of late, because I have been up in Scotland at Barry Buddon with Operation Nightingale and excavations on the First World War trenches on the training ranges. We had several veterans with us, giving them an outlet for recovery from PTSD and other mental health issues. 

WW1 trenches archaeologically excavated

We found the original sandbags that had been used to build up the sides of the trenches, which to my mind looked like a kebab... Please support Operation Nightingale by 'liking' our page on Facebook, click here: Operation Nightingale on Facebook. Next week I will be in Catterick excavating the original First World War stable block, I'll put up some pics in future!

Original sandbags or a kebab?

And finally, to wrap up this post, over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel, I have posted the latest in the Malayan campaign video, looking at the Battle of Gurun. Watch it here (and please subscribe!):

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  1. Beautiful trucks..and nice pics!

  2. I like those storage trays. What depth do you use for your 15mm stuff? All mine live in slimline boxfiles but I suspect I can get my storage footprint down even more using those.

    1. For most of the 15mm stuff I have used the 35mm depth trays. This allows for four trays to fit in one 9ltr RUB. That is enough depth for the majority of the collection. However, I also got a couple of 40mm depth ones for some of the bigger tanks. I had all my stuff in boxfiles and this has definitely reduced the footprint and at a good price too!


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