British Mortars for Malaya

As I have been slowly putting more units together for the British in Malaya, I thought I should add some localised artillery in the form of mortars. 

These are from Forged in Battle and are part of their 8th Army range so work perfectly for the far East. I bought them at Britcon a couple of months ago, and they didn't take long to paint.

This is a short post as I am still working in the field at the moment and things are busy in real life. However, have a look at this new video on how to play Wings of Glory. The short video introduces some of the basic rules of the game, and a great fun game it is as well! Well worth checking out (and please subscribe to the channel!):


  1. A very useful addition. Nice work.

  2. Nicely done! I might get some Forged in Battle kit when I get some 15's for IABSM.

    1. Cheers Buddy! FIBs stuff is really nice, their vehicles in particular.


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