Another French Horse Artillery Battery in 6mm

And the artillery keeps coming! Here we have yet another Horse Artillery battery. It is actually the last one that I currently have in my little box. 

6mm French artillery battery

As with the other great artillery models this comes from Baccus, and are packed with detail. 

Blucher French artillery base

As with the other batteries this is not aligned to a Corps, so the flag has been left blank for that reason. It can either be attached or broken down into guns attached to particular brigades. 

A French horse artillery battery

There is only one more battery to finish from my box, but I discovered I had messed up and actually, I need more batteries to complete the full set of 100 Days Campaign cards from Sam Mustafa! More on this on the next post...

Meanwhile, please watch the latest Storm of Steel videos over on Youtube, the Sinking of HMS Prince of Wales (and please subscribe!):