Clip Clop, Here Comes More Horse Artillery!

These posts may seem a little samey at the moment, but that is only because I am set on completing as much French artillery as possible at the moment. The next one I finished was this generic horse artillery battery:

Baccus 6mm French Artillery
Again, on this base I have included the limber so we can see quickly that it is a horse unit. 

6mm French horse artillery

Another one down and only one more horse battery left to complete, so the end is in sight, just hold on a little while longer!

French artillery battery for Blucher

Also recently I was testing out making some brewed up markers for my tanks using teddy bear fur. This was shaped, then sprayed with red paint. I then sprayed black over the top and added some yellow to the bottom. Finally, I mounted it on a small mdf circle so it would stand up. I think the black needs to be stronger and I used thinned down acrylic, so the next one will be done with a black rattle can instead to see how that turns out. That said, this was very easy to make and I'll be working on some more in the future. I might do a full tutorial as well.

Teddy Bear fur brewed up marker in 15mm

That's enough for this post, check back soon for more French artillery!


  1. I made some knocked out tank markers from old computer packing. The 'smoke' is very dark grey and I did the flames using dayglo orange craft paint. The contrast looks good on the tabletop (although I suspect yours is more realistic!).

    1. That's a good idea for reuse, I've seen people using foam chopped up with a food blender(!) and stuck back together, so I guess yours look similar? I think this one is a little too light for me, so I am going to try to darken the smoke in the next one I try...


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