Russian Farms and Jumping Off Tokens

Continuing with my Chain of Command preparations, I got a load of 3D printed barrels off EBay to use as Jumping off points. They are not particularly detailed, but lumped together on a small base they look OK to me: 

Chain of Command jumping off points
I also found that Minibits were selling Russian buildings in 15mm. They are MDF and were a really good price, so I bought a village set. Two of the buildings were these cottages:

Russian buildings in 15mm

Being cheap there is not a great deal of detail, but as Russian rural buildings can be quite plain this is not a problem. I gave these a spot of colour with the green doors and shutters and added a bit of foliage climbing up the walls. 

15mm scale Russian cottages

In the set were other rural buildings including these two barns, which are very nice models. 

15mm Russian barns

Again, these were plain buildings and I'm sure I could have added a few more details, but I was happy just to paint them as they came out. 

Minibits 15mm Russian buildings

And finally there was this pig sty, which is a lovely touch and really adds to the rest of the buildings. 

Minibits 15mm scale Pig sty

Painting was an easy task, just various browns and greys, along with some weathering a bit of drybrushing. A great addition to the table!

On the Storm of Steel Youtube channel I have a new military history video on the Japanese landings at Kota Bharu. I was experimenting with drawing my own maps and is something I will be exploring more for future videos. Let me know what you think (and please subscribe!): 


  1. Love the video. The maps are great- what did you use to draw them in?



    1. Thanks Pete, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I use, it's a free program with a load of user made plug-ins. I need to settle on a style though, so it's all still a bit of a learning process.

    2. Thanks - I'll give the program a go and see how I get on with it.




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