More Chain of Command Shock Markers

Following on from the previous shock tokens I made for Chain of Command, I also made some smaller ones just to hold one dice (and track up to six shock). These will be more useful for smaller teams and sections. Here are the Germans:

Chain of Command shock tokens

And below are the Soviets. I only have Germans and Soviets at the moment as they are the only casualty figures I have right now. In the future, I will add other nations to the mix, including Japanese and British for the Far East. 

Chain of Command shock markers

These were easy to make, I used small mdf Flames of War style bases from Sally 4th with Minibits 7mm dice holders to hold the dice in place. 

In other news I released a new video on Youtube, this is the history and combat use of the famous German 88mm anti-aircraft/tank gun, please have a watch here (and subscribe to the channel!):


  1. Great work on both the markers and the video.



    1. Thanks Pete, I'm glad you liked both of them!


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