Chain of Command Germans and Shock Tokens

Whilst on a roll with Chain of Command and my 15mm Second World War lead pile I decided to put a new German platoon together using some left over Plastic Soldier Company figures specifically for CoC. These will be augmented by the figures I previously painted:

15mm German infantry by Plastic Soldier Company

Also, I wanted to make some shock tokens for the game. As luck would have it, I have a load of casualty figures that I have never used for anything. I also have a lot of dice holders left-over from my Bl├╝cher bases: a perfect combination. It was a quick task to knock these German tokens together:

Shock tokens for Chain of Command

And these Soviet tokens.

Chain of Command Soviet shock tokens

As you can see there is enough space to hold up to three dice on each. This should be more than enough to track a unit's shock during a game. 

Chain of Command shock token dice holders

I'm happy with how these came out and they will be useful for other games along with CoC.

Over on the Storm of Steel Youtube channel the latest video is a military history video of the development and combat role of the 8.8cm German Anti-Aircfraft/Tank gun. Have a watch here, and please subscribe to the channel:


  1. They look great. I like the casualties on the marker bases- they make mine look quite pedestrian.



    1. Cheers Pete. I'm sure yours work perfectly well for the job! I always struggle with what to do with casualty figures, so this was a good solution.

  2. They do look good - well done that man! Have you thought about using different dice colours instead of (or as well as) multiple dice? e.g. a green die is the number shown, yellow die is number +6 and red die is number +12

    1. Thank you! That's a good idea, the different colours could also stand for shock and casualties on multi-figure bases. It's definitively worth thinking about some more.


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