7th Cavalry Division, IV Corps, Army Du Nord, 1815

The final unit for the IV Corps of Napoleon's 1815 army is the 7th cavalry Brigade commanded by Général de Division Baron Antoine Maurin. This unit consisted of the regiments of the 6th Hussars, 8th Regiment of Chassuers, and the two regiments of the 6th and 16th Dragoons.

6mm French Cavalry Figures of 1815

Now, there was some confusion over the numbering of this unit. I am using Sam Mustafa's 100 Days Campaign cards and here the brigade is numbered as the 7th. This is also the same on the Wikipedia entry for the OOBs of the Waterloo Campaign. However, in the Osprey Books on the Waterloo Campaign (Ligny and Mont St Jean & Wavre) they are numbered as the 6th! This is confounded by the Cent Jours website also numbering them as the 6th!

6mm French Cavalry Miniatures for the Blucher Wargaming rules

As I am faithfully following Sam Mustafa's cards I went with them being the 7th. To be honest, the only one amongst my friends who will ever notice is me (unless they read this...). 

French cavalry in 6mm by Baccus

Strange numbering aside, this ends the IV Corps, and I'll post some photos of the full corps in another blog post. Until then, please enjoy this Storm of Steel Youtube video on the Soviet Tank Heroines of the Second World War, and please subscribe to the channel:


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