1st Brigade, 14th Division, IV Corps, Army Du Nord, 1815

14th Division of Napoleon's army in 1815 was, like all the division, split into two brigades and this is the first of those. It was commanded by Général de Brigade Baron Etienne Hulot de Mazarny and the two regiments that made up the brigade were the 9th Light Regiment and the 11th Line regiment.

Napoleon's 1st brigade of the 14th Division in 6mm

When Napoleon's army advanced across the Belgium border and opened the 100 Days campaign, Comte Bourmont originally led the 14th Division as they supported the movements towards Charleroi, where he and five other officers defected to the Prussians, being ardent royalists! During the Battle of Ligny on the 16th of June, the division was on the French right flank facing the village of Tongrenelle and skirmished with the Prussians. 

Wargming figures in 6mm for Napoleonic Wargaming

On the 18th of June at the Battle of Wavre, the division was ordered to attack around 5.00pm after the 10th Divisions fruitless attack previously. The 9th Regiment was in the lead and was accompanied by Hulot, who was wounded in the attack. The attack was halted and the division ended their part of the campaign.

6mm figures by Baccus for the Blucher wargame

This brigade is the penultimate infantry brigade for the IV corps, so there's not a great deal left to do to finish off the full formation now. Next Saturday is Salute and I have been graciously invited with a press ticket for the day, so the next blog will be a post about that, but there's still more coming from IV Corps, so stay tuned!

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