Hive of Scum and Villainy

Whilst I was at ROBIN, I few weeks ago, I picked up this MDF building from Shiny Games. It was originally produced in Australia by Knights of Dice and was being distributed in the UK by Shiny. It is part of their Sandport Hydra range and looks enough like a Star Wars building to me to use in Legion.

The exterior is nicely detailed with various panels, outlets and widows and it took me an hour or so to put together using the online instructions. I added embossed plasticard to the steps to give them a metal surface and also added some more details in the form of wiring and more greebles. 

Painting it was a simple matter of block colours, along with painting some of the individual panels to make it look like they had been replaced or repainted over the building's life. Next, I weathered it with a wash of thinned Burnt Umber oil paint and Flory washes of grime, rust and oil streaks.

The interior is basic, and I might buy some Star Wars style furniture to pad it out a little, but that is not a major issue for me and it's something that can wait. Also, whilst at ROBIN, I bought the crates you can see from Crooked Dice games and I plan on buying more of these when I get a chance.

This was a nice break from the endless blue uniforms and tiny figures of the French 1815 army! Don't forget that I am posting videos on gaming and military history over on the Storm of Steel Wargaming Youtube channel. I am trying to keep this updated and would appreciate your subscription! Check out some of the videos below:


  1. Definitely looks the part 🖒

    1. Cheers Russ! Glad you liked it. I'm going to be buying some more of these buildings I think.


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