2nd Brigade, 13th Division, IV Corps, Army Du Nord, 1815

The other half of the 13th Division is the 2nd Brigade commanded by Général de Brigade Comte Francois-Alexandre Desprez and consisted of the line regiments of the 48th and 69th.

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With the rest of the division, the 2nd brigade was involved with the fighting at Limal during the close of the Battle of Wavre, but I can't find much else out about them than that.

Part of Napoleon's 14th Division of 1815

This is another typical French infantry brigade, with an Elan of 6 and Skirmishers. This makes them pretty solid in Blucher, and similar to a large amount of the French army. 

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The scant information for this post came from Mark Adkin's Waterloo Companion (Amazon Affiliate link) and John Franklin's Waterloo 1815 (2) Ligny & Waterloo 1815 (3) Mont St Jean and Wavre by Osprey (Amazon Affiliate link).

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  1. I'm amazed how good you make these guys look 👍

    1. Thanks Russ, although it's the mass effect really, don't look too closely at them...


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