Furious Furballs

Adding a bit of hair to my Star Wars Legion Rebels, I bought the new Wookie Warriors expansion. I got these along with the Chewbacca operative set and couldn't miss out the chance to have some furious furball action on the tabletop.

Wookie Warriors for Star Wars Legion

With only four figures, this is a small unit, but each Wookie can take three wounds! Meaning the entire unit can withstand twelve hits before it is destroyed completely. A pretty good ability when they need to close on their enemies before causing huge damage with their bladed weapons. They do some serious damage with the swords in melee combat.

Furballs in the jungle

I may bend the Legion rules and add another four to this unit and make it an eight Wookie squad, I'm not sure how tough that will make them, but we will see in future games 

Also, over on the Storm of Steel Wargaming Youtube channel I have uploaded the first of an occasional series of Board Game Archaeology. This series is where I look at some older games, the first one is Avalon Hill's Richthofen's War from 1972. Check it out here (and please don't forget to subscribe!)