Firepower From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

In an effort to bolster up the support for my Imperial forces for Star Wars: Legion I added an E-Web Heavy Blaster to give a bit of firepower. This weapon can be seen in The Empire Strikes Back when the Imperial forces attack the Rebel base on Hoth.

3D Printed E-Web heavy Blaster Crew for Star Wars Legion

However, I was not satisfied with the Snowtroopers that came as the crew for the weapon, so I replaced them with two 3D printed Stormtroopers from Skull Forge studios on Shapeways. They are expensive and are not quite as detailed as Mel's Miniatures 3D printed figures, but they work just fine for my needs here. 

Heavy Blaster Crew and Blaster

It's cumbersome weapon and will not be great in the attack, but as a defensive weapon it has a heavy hit and can also be set on standby at the range of up to 3, meaning it can sit in wait for the attack. 

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  1. I keep looking at the star wars stuff but so far I've managed to resist temptation! Your postings are definitely not helping 😂


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