Rebel Troopers for Star Wars Legion

I finished off another group of Star Wars Rebels for Legion. These eleven are the basic soldiers of the Rebellion and are the last ones I need to paint to complete a sizeable force to make up a decent game.

Rebel Troopers for the Star Wars Legion game

This completes the amount of figures that I need to finish off a platoon organised along the lines of the West End Games version of Star Wars Miniatures Battles. That is five squads, here with eight troopers each.

Five squads of Rebels forming a Platoon for Star Wars Legion

Although I will be using the OOBs from Miniatures Battles, I'll be playing games using the Legion rules and this is enough figures for a sizeable game of Legion, especially when faced off against the platoon of Stormtroopers I completed recently. Stay tuned for some AARs soon!