Take Cover! Barricades for Star Wars Legion

I recently bought myself a few more bits and pieces for Star Wars: Legion, including some Cargo Accessories from Troll Trader Combat. They work perfectly as barricades to block line of sight or protection for troopers.

TTCombat's Cargo Accessories

There are several different designs in the set and I painted them in Imperial Grey with the addition of a few colour lights to break up the grey

TTCombat Cargo Accessories

I weathered them with streaks of Flory Washes, using rust and grime and added some chips with a sponge and metallic paints.

More of TTCombat's cargo accessories

They were all then mounted on a strip of plasticard, covered with Vallejo's basing material and static grass.

TTCombat have some nice resin cargo accessories

For the price, these are very nice. However, the resin is quite brittle and I chipped off pieces by accident, so handle them with a bit of care. Another great addition to the Galaxy Far Far Away...


  1. Nice- simple little bits like that really adds to a table.



    1. Thanks Pete, they do indeed and are cheap enough to quickly fill a table.


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